Do you have a Theft Claim for your Two Wheeler Insurance? Here’s What You Should Know


Suppose you went on a date with your special someone. The restaurant, however, didn't have their own parking lot. So, you decided to park your motorcycle on the road side. After enjoying a great dinner, you leave the restaurant to head back home. But hold on, your motorcycle isn't where you parked it. As you try looking around the area, it soon dawns on you that your beloved vehicle has been STOLEN!

Two wheelers bring with it a number of benefits

  • The freedom of personal transport
  • Cost-effective convenience
  • Ability to avoid being stuck in traffic for long like four wheeled road users.

Did You Know:

You should know that the probability of a two wheeler being stolen is significantly more than that of a car. To protect yourself from a sudden and significant loss  two wheeler insurance is the best option for you.


How to make an insurance claim in case of motorcycle theft

Check your coverage:

Firstly you need to ensure that your vehicle is always covered by a two wheeler package motor insurance policy. This policy protects you from any third party liability arising from your use of the vehicle as well as loss or damage to the vehicle itself from specific perils such as accident fire or theft among others.


Register an FIR:

This is a very important step. The moment you come to know about the theft you need to lodge a First Information Report (FIR) with the nearest police station immediately.


Inform Royal Sundaram:

Call the customer service helpline and inform them immediately after theft. You (in whose name the policy has been issued) will also have to fill out a claim form. This form includes information like policy number details of the vehicle as well as details about the loss such as date time and brief description.


Gather the documents:

The next step is to focus on gathering the required documents to proceed further with the claim process. The requirement of documents for each claim may differ. However some common documents that will be required are:


  • Insurance Policy Documents
  • Duly filled claim form
  • Copy of the FIR
  • Registration Certificate
  • Original Invoice for the vehicle
  • Ignition Keys both original and duplicate must be submitted

Await approval of claim:

An investigation is done by the police as well as an investigator appointed by the insurance company. If the vehicle is not traceable the police will submit the Non Traceable Certificate (NTC) after which the court of the respective jurisdiction will issue a 173CrPc certificate. Upon receipt of both certificates the claim will be processed and approved subject to other admissibility checks as well as submission of final documents.

Await claim payment:

The amount approved will be disbursed within seven working days from the date of approval.