5 Safety Tips for Bike Riders


Let's face it, although riding a motorbike is cool, it can never match up to a car in terms of safety. With no exterior frame to withstand the impact of a collision, accidents while riding a motorcycle can be fatal. Moreover, with just two wheels, it becomes difficult to stabilize the bike. Due to this reason, it is highly susceptible to accidents.

Therefore, a rider has to be extremely alert and cautious while riding a motorbike. Apart from abiding by the traffic laws and availing Royal Sundaram two wheeler insurance following these tips will go a long way in reducing the fatalities involving motorbikes.

5 Safety Tips for Bike Riders


Always wear a Helmet

Why: Wearing a helmet is the most important step to ensure your safety while riding a motorbike. Helmets safeguard your head against destructive injuries.

Pro Tip: When you purchase a helmet make sure you buy the right size. A helmet that is too big or too small may actually add to your injuries rather than protecting you from it. For added safety opt for the full face helmet that will provide protection to the entire head. Wearing a helmet is important as it is a matter of life or death.

Watch the Weather

Why: Since a motorbike cannot shield you from the weather checking the weather becomes extremely important. Riding a bike during heavy rain or foggy conditions can compromise your visibility and balance to a great extent.

Pro Tip: If a heavy downpour is expected it is better to choose some other mode of transport. Furthermore a slight drizzle can make the roads extremely slippery which is why you need to be extra cautious and ride at low speeds.

Shun Distractions

Why: While riding a bike it is very important to be extremely alert. Even a little delay in maneuvering could prove deadly.

Pro Tip: Do not listen to music or talk on phone while riding a motorbike. Since bikes are difficult to notice for larger vehicles you always need to keep your eyes on the road and keep a safe distance from large vehicles.


Avoid Sand and Debris

Why: It is better to avoid sandy areas and loose debris while on a motorbike. Such materials can easily throw you off balance and chances of skidding are very high.

Pro Tip: To dodge such situations steer clear from such pathways and places like construction sites. However if you happen to encounter some sand keep the pace slow and avoid applying sudden brakes.

Never Use the Front Brake First

Why: Using the front break especially at high speeds or in sudden jerks might throw you off the bike. Therefore you must train yourself to use the back brakes till the time you can do this by instinct.

Pro Tip: Whenever you have to use the brakes make sure you hit the back break first with your foot.