13 Tips to Increase Mileage of Your Bike


Mileage is an important performance indicator of an automobile that determines the distance it can travel with a particular amount of fuel. Hence, it is imperative to follow and practice a few methods to improve the mileage of your bike.

Did You Know:

Mileage is a strong decision-making factor when it comes to purchasing a new or second-hand two-wheeler in India. Poor mileage erodes the value of a bike, however expensive or attractive it may be.

Effective ways to increase your bike's mileage:


1. Ride your bike at a steady speed

One of the important and primary methods to increase your bike's mileage is to avoid rash driving and ride your bike at a steady speed of 30kmph to 50kmph. Maintaining a constant speed will help you achieve higher mileage.

2. Avoid parking your vehicle in direct sunlight

Never park your vehicle under direct and harsh sunlight as this will result in the vaporization of fuel which will reduce the mileage.

3. Turn off the engine when your vehicle is idle

If you are stuck at a red signal or are waiting for someone then turn off the engine. A bike consumes less fuel in an idle state even if the engine is on. However you can completely eliminate the fuel consumption and save fuel by turning the engine off.


4. Prefer good quality fuel

Make sure your bike is filled with good quality fuel. This ensures that the engine remains in good condition and improves its efficiency.



5. Maintain tyre pressure

Check your vehicle's tyre pressure regularly. When it comes to mileage tyre pressure plays a particularly important role. Low tyre pressure puts added stress on the engine and decreases the mileage. Thus make sure you maintain the tyre pressure at the optimum levels.


6. Ride your bike in proper gear

Do not run your bike in a low gear at higher speeds for an exceedingly long time. If you keep using a lower gear for a speed higher than the optimum levels it will deplete your fuel quickly. The use of proper gear at a certain speed ensures optimum fuel utilization.


7. Get your bike serviced regularly

Get your bike regularly serviced as this keeps it in good condition. Timely servicing can help identify any issues in the engine or other relevant parts of the motorcycle which can be resolved immediately. A smooth-running bike can help you increase the mileage.

8. Check the engine oil regularly

Bad engine oil adversely affects engine performance and decreases mileage. Thus check the engine oil regularly. You can check with the authorized service center regarding the right oil for your engine and use that.



9. Lubricate the chain on a regular basis

If you live in a place where there's too much dirt sand and dust then you must lubricate your bike's chain regularly or else the engine will take much time to absorb the fuel.



10. Be gentle with the clutch

While riding a bike avoid pressing the clutch too hard as this can adversely affect the mileage of your bike.




11. Clean out the air filters regularly

Do not drive your bike with dirty or clogged air filters as this will reduce the efficiency of your bike and thereby reduce the mileage.




12. Check the fuel pipe fuel filter and petrol tank on a regular basis

Even a small hole in any of these bike parts can lead to fuel leakage which not only causes low mileage but also leads to wastage of the fuel. Additionally over time a build-up in these areas can affect the fuel carrying capacity of the bike. Therefore it is necessary to check and clean these components regularly.

13. Avoid using the clutch while accelerating

This is predominantly done by newbies who are new to driving a vehicle. However using a clutch while accelerating messes up your bike's fuel consumption and ends up affecting the mileage.



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