A Guide to DIY Home Fire Safety

Experiencing your home getting damaged due to a fire is a calamity you want to avoid at all costs. Though you can always protect yourself from the financial repercussion of the same with a home insurance, it is best to adopt practices that can minimize the chances of your home getting gutted due to fire.

Effective ways to enhance your home’s fire safety:


Pay Close Attention To Your Living Room’s Décor And Accessories

  • If you use candles or hand-lit lamps for décor or utility purposes, make sure they are nowhere near window sills and curtains
  • Regularly replace bulbs and lights to prevent fires related to short circuit

Be Alert In The Kitchen

  • Always remember to turn the stove top off once you finish cooking
  • Place flammable items such as matchboxes significantly away from the stove
  • Check your gas connection regularly to ensure there is no leak

Up Your Bedroom’s Safety Quotient

  • Install a smoke detector/alarm to ensure timely alerts at all times, including when you are asleep
  • If you tend to use candles, make it a point to always blow them off before you fall asleep
  • If you smoke cigarettes in the bedroom, always throw all the butts into your bedside ashtray

Protect Your Bathroom From The Likelihood Of A Short Circuit

  • Place any lit candles away from curtains, towels, and walls
  • Unplug all electric appliances, and switch off the mains immediately after use
  • Switch off the geyser after you are done with your bath

Practice Caution When It Comes To Your Garage And Car

  • Regularly check your car for any oil leaks since it can start a fire
  • Perform any welding or repair work outside the garage
  • Do not use the barbecue or grill in the garage

Maintain Your Store Room

  • Do not clutter it with a lot of easily flammable items
  • Ensure all electrical outlets are in proper working condition

Safeguard Your Front Yard

  • Do not throw cigarette butts
  • Trim the grass on a regular basis and water it to prevent it from catching a fire, especially during summers

Keep the front yard free from any debris which can catch or start a fire