10 Effective Tips to keep Your Home Safe from Rain

After spending most of the year under the scorching sun that is synonymous with India’s tropical weather, one can’t wait enough for the monsoons. The season fills our hearts with immense joy, and colour.

However, rains can also put your family in a spot since often, they can pose damage to your home in the form of water leaks, power cuts, swelling of wooden furniture and fixtures, water logging etc.

To protect your home from harm’s way during monsoons, here are 10 precautionary and preventive measures that you can consider:

 Get-an-annual-check-for-your-back-up-equipment> Get an annual check for your back-up equipment

Power cuts are common during monsoons. So have your invertors, and generators checked to ensure they are functioning well, and your family does not have to undergo hours of inconvenience owing to faulty equipment.

Invest-in-routine-electrical-checks>Invest in routine electrical checks

Make sure that your electrical wiring, and earthing are safe and secure. If you find any problem, immediately contact a professional.

Safeguard-against-lightning>Safeguard against lightning

Make it a point always unplug your electronic items after use during spells of rain. This would protect your television, computer and other electronics from damage due to lightning or storms.

Add-a-layer-of-tarpaulin>Add a layer of tarpaulin  

Have your windows fixed with designer tarpaulin sheets; they are quite effective in preventing rainwater from entering your home through the windows.

Fix-spots-that-give-in>Fix spots that give in

Keep Plaster of Paris or white cement handy at home. If there is any spot of leakage in the wall or ceiling, you can immediately fix it up with these materials.

Create-a-roomy-environment>Create a roomy environment

Make sure there is enough cross ventilation and fresh air entering in; otherwise, it can leave your home filled with too much moisture and dampness.

Clean-your-drainage-systems>Clean your drainage systems

Check your drainage systems for any clot; this is important because clogged systems, and overflowing drainage water can lead to several diseases.

Clear-stagnant-water-storages>Clear stagnant water storages

Guard against mosquito breeding by not allowing water to stagnate around your home.

Protect-wooden-furniture-and-fixtures>Protect wooden furniture and fixtures

Monsoons can bring great damage to your wooden doors, ranging from termites to them getting swelled up due to moisture. So have your doors well-polished, and invest in anti-moisture services.  

Prevent-proliferation-of-insects>Prevent proliferation of insects

Make sure that you keep your house cool, and dry. This can serve as a barricade for the entry of cockroaches, and termites.

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