Important Car Insurance Add on Covers You Should Consider


As per Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, it is mandatory to protect your car with adequate insurance. While buying a car insurance policy, insurance companies offer a wide range of add-on covers so as to make your insurance work better for you.

Key Reasons To Consider Add-On Car Insurance Covers:

Having an add-on cover with car insurance is like an extra protection that safeguards you from unfortunate events. These add-on covers are available as per your car type and also, help you to save a huge amount of money.

Important Add-On Car Insurance Covers:

If you are going to buy a car insurance then here some of the add-on covers that are worth buying have a look.

Zero Depreciation Cover

This is one of the most popular add-on covers that one must consider. This cover plays a very important role in reimbursements and claim settlements as it allows you to claim the entire amount for replaced car parts that got damaged in the accident. This cover offers a full claim amount without any deduction for depreciation.


NCB protector cover

This is yet another beneficial add-on cover that one must consider while buying a car insurance policy. NCB is basically a reward that a policyholder receives for not making any claim in the previous years. This bonus can be availed by the policyholder during the renewal of the policy. NCB offers a discount of up to 50%. NCB protector cover is a type of coverage option that helps in protecting your hard-earned no-claim bonus.

Engine protection cover

Engine is the heart and soul of the car. Any damage or negligence to its repair can lead to serious issues. This protection cover is worth buying as it compensates for the cost of repair in case of engine damage. Thus it is advisable to add this cover as this will ensure the safety of your engine.


Pro Tip: It is not mandatory to include all the add-on covers that are mentioned above you can add any of these as per your requirement. Besides if you are planning to buy car insurance policy online then go for Royal Sundaram; it offers comprehensive car insurance policy online at affordable prices.