How to save on your insurance premiums with No-Claim Bonus


Thinking of claiming a minor loss from your insurer?  Make sure you know about No Claim Bonus, a crucial feature often overlooked in the car insurance policy. It can help you save up to 50% on your renewal premiums.

What Is No Claim Bonus?

The car insurance company rewards its policyholders with a No Claim Bonus for the previous claim free year/s. The insured gets a discount of up to 50%* on renewal premium for 5 consecutive claim free years and the same discount continues to apply on every renewal's premium as long as there is no claim on the policy.


Did You Know: In case of a claim on your car insurance policy the No Claim Bonus resets to zero at the next policy renewal.

How Does No Claim Bonus Percentage Work?




*No-claim Bonus


Discount (%)


No claim for previous full year


No claim for previous 2 years


No claim for previous 3 years


No claim for previous 4 years


No claim for previous 5 years



Did You Know: No Claim Bonus always follows the insured but not the vehicle. An existing No Claim Bonus can be transferred to a new vehicle in case of replacement depending on the previous vehicles insurance validity.

Additional Facts You Must Know About No Claim Bonus

Switching to Royal Sundaram car insurance lets you transfer the No Claim Bonus benefits if it is effected within 90 days from the previous policy expiration date.  Note that you will need to submit documentary evidence on the NCB entitlement. NCB will remain valid for three years from the date of policy expiration in case the existing car is sold and not replaced with any other car.

Pro Tip:

Be wise when you make a claim on your car insurance policy. Banking on your insurance policy for every petty repair and or replacement may not let you enjoy the policy's benefits to the fullest instead it will only add to your renewal premium.