Why Your Car Needs an Engine Protector Add-On?

The monsoon is upon us. Heavy rains, dangerous roads, and the risk of floods have become a commonality in India. The best we can do is take adequate protection for our precious cars.

A car insurance takes the cake when it comes to protection for your vehicle. However, why stop there? To ensure the best care for your car, you should add the engine protector add-on to your insurance plan.

It is an add-on cover designed to do one thing – protect your engine. Be it driving through waterlogged roads, which may make you worry about your car’s engine getting choked, or poor roads, which can damage your engine, the engine protector add-on for your car insurance policy can be the best solution in such scenarios.

3 reasons why should you opt for it

Engine is the most important component of a vehicle

Repairs can be quite expensive

Time taken for repairs can be extensive


Elements covered in the add-on

An engine and its internal parts

Gear box and its internal parts



Occasions when the add-on comes in handy

Gearbox damage

Water ingression

Hydrostatic lock (in case of trying to start a moist engine, repeatedly)

Compensation cover

The cost of repairs or replacement of the parts covered by the add-on

The cost of labour involved with the repairs

The cost of lubricants or consumables required to undertake the repairs

Scenarios that are not covered in the add-on


Damaged parts that are specifically not covered

Damage due to depreciation, and wear or tear

Product recall

Aggravation of damage to vehicle due to delay in intimation to the insurance firm

Claim made after the vehicle is repaired for damages

Pro Tip: We spend a lot of money on purchasing the right four-wheeler. Why not go a step further? Ensure the best protection by including the engine protector add-on cover in your car insurance. After all, what is a car without its engine?


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