What’s Hot About Plug-in Hybrid cars?

Are rising petrol prices burning a hole in your pocket? Does that hinder your travel dreams? A plug-in hybrid car might just be the answer. A regular hybrid car works on both, electric and petrol power. A plug-in hybrid car on the other hand is an evolved version of a regular hybrid car. It has an additional rechargeable battery that can be charged at ‘any’ electric power outlet. Yes, even at home!

Here are some of exciting features of a plug-in hybrid Car. Go for it if you want to save on mileage and get a ‘greener’ alternative to petrol-driven cars.


Saves 75% on fuel expenses as it doesn’t totally depend on petrol.



Enjoys quadrupled fuel economy over conventional vehicles and doubled fuel economy over a regular hybrid car.


You can recharge the battery packs at your home in a few hours. Moreover, you won’t have to shell out much money on electricity.



Stuck in the middle of your trip? No worries! The petrol combustion engine comes to your rescue.



You can convert your Plug-in hybrid to a “zero emission vehicle” by recharging it with roof-top solar power systems.



Pro Tip: The plug-in hybrid comes at a price. Develop an in-depth understanding about the car and its manufacturers before buying it. Also knowing about car insurance plans is important!

Honda Civic Hybrid and Toyota Prius Hybrid are the two hybrid cars currently on the Indian streets. Chevrolet Volt Plug-In Hybrid is yet to be launched in 2011.


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