Tips to Keep Your Home Safe for Children and the Elderly

Making decisions for your family’s security is an important, and tricky task. However, this becomes far more difficult when your folks are a mix of geriatric grandfathers, and restless children.

Here are some suggestions that can help you in achieving a safe environment within the four-walled confines of your house when it comes to protecting family:

Invest in an advanced security system

The elderly folks in your house can take care of familiar, personal tasks at home, and even mind the children to an extent; however, it is a wise call to implement some safety measures that will provide a degree of protection just to prepare for any hostile or unexpected occurrence in                              the house, such as a break-in or theft.

Several dependable security systems are provided by various firms, and they are not too difficult to install either.

Moreover, for added protection, one can consult private security firms or advisors in the case of highly sensitive residences or high net worth family members.

Set up automation, and emergency readiness

Potential mobility impairment can keep an elderly family member from being able to reach the phone, and dial you in case of a medical emergency.  

Hence, teach them to use health-based apps, and speed-dials on a cellphone.

Let your children learn about the basics of medicine, and which ones to administer, should someone need one in an urgent situation. Having a family member receive basic training in techniques like CPR is a great idea, especially if your folks have a history of respiratory issues or seizures.

Accident-proof your home

While this does not have to entail extravagant changes or renovation, even smaller, economical additions can make a world of difference for your family.


For instance, installing railings in the restrooms can reduce the chances of an elder family member slipping or hurting themselves when visiting it.

Placing socket-points, and the mains of the household’s power supply higher up on the walls can prevent any chance of children getting electrocuted or suffering damage from a shock.

The usage of thick rugs, and avoiding any furniture with sharp edges can prevent injuries.

Take surroundings and external variables into account

No matter how much you prepare your house from inside, your local setting can have a huge impact on how well these measures work. For instance, advanced security systems may be of no use if your neighbourhood frequently has power outages, in which case,                                           keeping a guard dog is a better option.

Pro Tip: To protect your house against calamities such as fires, disasters or extraordinary damage from external factors, the best option is to seek home insurance. Consult with Royal Sundaram Home Insurance’s executives to find the best option for you.


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