The Ultimate Guide to Buying Used Cars

The used cars or pre-loved cars market in India is growing as rapidly as the new cars market. Therefore, this sector has a huge variety in terms of used cars as well as used car sellers.

The choice can be baffling and you might be tempted to make a take a wrong decision.

Pro Tip: The criteria for buying a used car are different from buying a brand new one.

Here is a quick guide with simple yet effective tips if you are planning to buy a used car:

  • Have a preference and a budget

Firstly, you need to know which car you want and the price you are ready to pay for it. Consider your requirements when deciding a car. For instance, if you are a small family of four then an Alto or Spark will do just fine but for a bigger family, a MUV Toyota Innova can be a good option.

  • Do a bit of preliminary research

Once you decide on the model you want to buy, conduct a complete market research. You need to be armed with information like market value, resale value, reliability and its demand in the market before you go ahead and buy a pre-owned car of the model.

  • Opt for expert guidance

You need to get a verified source to help you buy your used car. There are high chances of getting conned and hence, a careful selection and reliable guidance can make your purchase easy. Also, you can trust credible experts on the internet when it comes to purchasing used cars. There are several portals online that can help you at every step of buying a used car.

  • Have someone to balance emotional decision-making

When you go to see the car, consider taking a comprehensive check-list with you and a trusted friend. At least one of you must have good knowledge about cars.  In case none of you do, then take a mechanic with you.

  • Don’t make any assumptions

Don’t hesitate to ask a lot of questions about the car. If everything falls in place, you could eventually be the owner of the car in question; so you need to know as much as you can. Don’t keep anything for later. This also lets you know how much the car owner knows and cares about the car, basis the manner of his or her responses.

  • Invest in a thorough technical check

Make sure you get the car thoroughly checked by a mechanic before you agree to buy. Many times you may have the urge to buy the car right away without getting things checked. But a final check will save you from unpleasant surprises. The inspection can reveal if the car was involved in an accident, if the parts are welded or changed, and if the car has gone through some major repairs.

  • Check the paper work

Remember to check the papers and documents of the car. If the seller poses to be the owner but in reality he is just the dealer, then he must have a transfer form signed by the original owner. Make sure you check such details.


Agree to go through with further dealings only if you are completely satisfied with the car after going through of all the above. You are not obligated to strike the deal and get the car home although the seller may pressurize you.


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