Let Nothing Destroy the Home That Protects You

What is the place that comes to your mind after a hectic day? For most of us, the immediate answer would be – ‘Home sweet home’. This is because our home provides us with a lot of essential things in life. These include shelter, and comfort in good and bad times. Owing to the same, a home holds a lot of emotional value for most people apart from its financial value.  

The next question in such a case is – What have you done to secure this precious haven of yours? If the answer is nothing, then its time you take active measures to protect your home.

A home insurance can help you protect your home against all possible perils:

It can compensate for the financial loss owing to damages related to fire, natural calamities like flood, inundation, lightning, rockslide, landslide, and earthquake etc. that could ruin the structure.

A home contents insurance plan can ensure protection for various valuables, and essentials:

It can ensure that your furniture, fixtures and home appliances such as refrigerator, washing machine, mixer-grinders, television etc. are covered against perils like fire, and natural calamities.

Burglary and housebreaking – Coverage under home contents insurance plan:

Another major threat that your home faces is that of burglary. In spite of the many robust security systems you put in place, thieves can break in to rob you of your possessions. A home contents insurance plan offers cover against burglary and housebreaking perils. This gives you the much-required peace of mind.

Damage due to electrical breakdown – Coverage under home content insurance plan:

 In an ordinary household, the risk of a fire or burglary is often a remote threat. But breakdown of household appliances is a common risk. It halts a family’s routine, and calls for immediate repairs/replacement, depending on the nature of damage. A home contents insurance provides offers cover against such a threat to household appliances, and electrical systems by offering adequate compensation.

While it’s everyone’s dream to own a home, it makes for a prudent decision to cover it against any untoward loss or damage by opting for a suitable home/ home contents insurance plan.

Did You Know: Even if one is in a rented home, they are eligible for coverage under a home contents insurance plan.

Home insurance ensures that even if any calamity impacts your priceless home, it can be revived soon to its former glory with the help of insurance compensation


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