Car Safety Advice That Parents Should Give Their Youngsters


Driving a car is a huge responsibility, more so if you have a youngster who is just learning to drive. As parents, we are often apprehensive about carefully explaining this responsibility to our children.

However, as time would have it, they would eventually be driving on their own. Parents should handle this chapter of their children's life with care and open-minded advice. It's better that our children learn about safe driving from us than through mistakes and accidents.

Pro Tip: Renew car insurance regularly, if your children are going to start driving soon it makes sense to teach them about the importance of car insurance. Not only is it mandatory by law it is also highly beneficial financially. Educating your children about the importance of car insurance and regular renewals of the policy will be a step forward in the road to safe driving.

Top Safety Advice Tips To Share With Young Drivers As A Parent:


Keep the phone aside

This may sound like an advice that's obvious but let's be honest so many of us ignore it. Driving while using the phone is highly dangerous and often the reason for many road accidents. So even if you think your children have heard the no phones rule before don't stop reiterating it.


Avoid distractions

Mobile phones are not the only distraction while driving. It may be tempting to indulge in a little karaoke session in the car or eat those cheesy fries while driving. However such distractions may seem harmless but it can make you lose control of the car. Advise your children to minimize these distractions and focus on the road ahead.


Learn about safety equipment

A good driver is one who knows about the car inside out. Teaching your children on the workings of the car will be one of the most valuable lessons you impart. More importantly teach them about the latest safety equipment and advise them to practice defensive driving.


Don't give in to road rage

Road rage or aggressive driving is often a cause for major accidents in India. Advise your children to maintain their cool. Advise them to have patience and follow the rules.



Final Words:

The only thing that makes one a good driver from a decent one is wisdom. That said a sense of responsibility can be instilled through proper guidance. Keep in mind that children learn through example. So the best way to ensure they follow your advice is by implementing it in your driving etiquette as well.




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