Basic Safety Features of a Car

Did You Know: A majority of new car owners are only familiar with 2 out of key 5 safety features, which puts them at great risk.

Whether it’s a new car you’re driving or an old one, it’s important to be aware of all the safety features your vehicle has.

Important car safety features every car owner should know:


Crumple Zone

                                                                                                Also known as a crush zone, this is the part of the vehicle which is designed to deform and crumple in a collision. Crumple zones are meant to absorb the intensity of the impact, and prevent the driver and passengers of the car from being harmed.


Seat Belt

                                                                                                  One of the most basic but important safety features is a seat belt. It is designed to keep the occupant of the car stable inside the vehicle, thereby reducing the risk of collision with the dashboard, steering wheel, or the windshield.


Air Bags

In the event of an impact, an airbag inflates to prevent the occupant from getting hurt or hitting any part of the car. It also immediately starts deflating to allow movement. However, an airbag can also be dangerous, especially if occupants are unbelted. Children below the age of 12 should therefore be seated in the rear seats to minimize the risk of injury from airbag deployment.


Head rest

                                                                                                  The primary function of the headrest is to be a restraint system and prevent neck hyperextension in a crash. The headrest is useful in preventing major spinal cord injuries or even just a normal whiplash.


Anti-lock braking system

An Anti-lock brake system (ABS) prevents a car’s wheels from getting locked during sudden, panic braking. It allows the driver to have more control over the steering, especially in a collision.


Top situations when these safety features can come handy:

  • In case of a sudden accident ahead on the road
  • When you have rash drivers around you
  • If you are indulging in late night or low visibility driving


Benefits of these safety features:

  • Heightened driver and passenger safety
  • Lesser severity in case of mishap
  • Lesser damage to vehicle and repair costs

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