Are you a Teenage Driver? These are the Things You Must Avoid


Top Reasons Why Teenage Drivers Must Be Extra Cautious

  • As we enter teenage from childhood, we become more carefree.
  • A legal license and riding privileges for you translate into anxiety for your parents.
  • Some of the most gruesome accidents involve motorcycles.

Ensuring Maximum Protection



As a child when we were just learning to ride a bicycle do you remember how our parents would cover us up from head to toe? Knee pads elbow-pads head gear protection for your chin everything you can imagine. An easy to recreate such protection is to get yourself a motorcycle insurance. Knowing your concerned parents they will make sure that they get the best two wheeler insurance to ensure your safety.

Key Things To Avoid


Not being up to date with documents

This is one of the most vital things to keep in the storage compartment of your bike. Always ensure that you keep your valid license identification copy as well as your valid insurance papers. If you ever get into any trouble these documents are the first thing they will ask you to produce.


Skipping on safety gear

It is important that you stay protected while riding your bike. Wearing a helmet is mandatory by law. If you fail to wear a helmet you will be caught and fined for the same. Besides this is for your safety. Other gear can include kneepads and elbow pads. However this is more so for those riding for long distances. You can also wear a jacket that will protect you from the sun and prevent you from being burnt or a rain parka that will shield you from the rain.


Faulting on road discipline

It is very important that as a rider you maintain a level of decorum and discipline on the road. Do not try to show off some tricks that you may have learned. While overtaking other vehicles ensure that you give proper signals. While changing lanes as well if you do not have indicators on your bike you can provide hand gestures that alert the driver behind.


Riding with uncomfortable footwear 

This is a highly underestimated fact that many will often neglect. Therefore you might carelessly walk out of your home in slippers or flip-flops. However riding your motorbike in slippers can be dangerous as it does not provide the necessary grip when needed. Wearing shoes that are sturdy and those that have serrated bottoms will help you hold your ground in a difficult situation.



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