7 Ways to Save Money on Car Insurance


Cost of owning a car these days is already sky high, thanks to the burgeoning fuel prices. Add to it, car insurance premiums, and it really doesn't get better. However, if you're smart about it, you can save up on car insurance costs.

Here's how:

Compare insurance quotes before you purchase the car

Car insurance rates are affected by more than just the value of the car. If you have multiple cars to choose from make sure you check the insurance rates first.



Bundle up your policies with the same insurer

You can enjoy a host of benefits and save money by purchasing your car insurance and other policies from the same company.



Avoid over-insuring

Over-insuring means overpaying. So make sure you choose the right policy with adequate coverage and avoid piling up unnecessary riders.



Us digital tech to monitor your safe driving

There are many apps and tools in the market that can be plugged in or connected to your car to track your driving behavior. Through the collected data if you are deemed a safe and cautious driver you can get major discounts from your insurer.


Check for discount programs

Some insurance companies have discount programs for certain groups such as for people who've served in the military before drivers with a super safe driving history people who've completed a defensive driving course etc. Check if your company offers the same and if you qualify for any discounts.


Renew regularly to avoid penalty charges

If you are held by the traffic police with expired insurance you would be liable to pay penalty for the same. So ensure you always renew your policy on time. Purchase a long-term policy to avoid renewing it every year.


Revisit your policy regularly

Our insurance needs change over time. Evaluating your insurance policy regularly will help you reduce unnecessary costs and maybe even change the policy

Pro Tip: Get no-claim bonus advantage and bring down your car insurance premium during renewal



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