6-Point Car Care Checklist: How to Take Care of Your Car

To keep your car clean and running at peak performance is not an easy task. It takes time, effort, and a bit of money. However, it is worth everything in the end. While buying a car insurance is a good step towards car care there are a few more tasks you need to perform to ensure your four-wheeler stays prim and proper.

Check the engine oil

Why: Just like a human body organ needs freshly oxygenated blood to function at peak performance a car engine needs a frequent change and supply of quality oil. Regular change of oil ensures the engine stays lubricated and no build-up of dirt takes place. 

Easy tip: You can check the manufacturer's instructions for the correct time to change the engine oil.

Keep the windshield clean

Why: If you wear dirty glasses you will have a foggy vision and are bound to bump into something. Imagine the same thing while driving a car. A dirty windshield will not only blur your vision but put a lot of lives at risk.

Easy tip: To prevent such a disastrous event all you need is a sponge and cleaning liquid.

Maintain optimum tyre pressure

Why: When your car tyre is underinflated or overinflated the risk of accidents rises. The car will not break correctly mileage will be low a flat tyre can happen anytime and the tyre's shelf life decreases as well.

Easy tip: Get it checked every time you visit the petrol pump or once in a fortnight whichever is earlier.

Replace wiper blades on time

Why: Wiper blades are a blessing especially during monsoons when visibility is low.

Easy tip: Look out for wiper blades that make a noise such as a squeak or a chatter or if their functioning seems faulty replace them. Other telling signs include worn out rubber broken frames or tears.


Test your car battery

Why: From starting the car to cooling a car battery's functioning is invaluable. Regular check-up of the battery is a must for its longevity.

Easy tip: Simple maintenance tips include keeping it clean from dust regular inspections for leaks and cracks keeping the battery cables lubricated preventing half charged batteries by driving at the correct speed (not too fast or slow).

Regular Servicing

Why: A car is a long-term investment.

Easy tip: You need to take it to the service centre at regular intervals to ensure professionals inspect every component for any faults or damage.



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