5 Easy Steps to Plan a Perfect Road Trip Today!


Even when the milestone on the road reads 234 kilometers, you are fine; You're in no hurry to get to your destination. You are on a road trip!

While a road trip is a great way to unwind, here are 5 things that will help you plan the perfect road trip and have a wonderful time without any glitches.

5 Things Covered In This Road Trip Guide:


Choice of locations                 Prepping your home                     Vehicle selection guide 




                           Medical checklist                Choosing the right Car Insurance



Preferred locations for a fulfilling road trip

The picturesque scenery delicious roadside diners and the joy of being with your loved ones make road trips sheer pleasure. And of course listening to music or cracking jokes that literally make you roll on your seat are some of the other things that make road trips exciting. If both the journey and the destination are interesting you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Here are some of the coolest suggestions for a memorable road trip with your family or friends.

Delhi to Agra

Why: This is a great choice if you like speed as the highway meets international standards. The so-called controlled-access expressway has reduced the drive time to 4-5 hours.

What to Expect: You could stop over at Vrindavan where Lord Krishna spent most of his childhood. When you begin approaching Agra stop at quaint roadside restaurants and try the local snacks and sweets. Of course the destination is exciting for history lovers and lovers in general with the Taj Mahal Fetehpur Sikri and other monuments and forts.

Manali to Leh

Why: Do roads less travelled by excite you? Then here's one that will truly take your breath away with its natural beauty.

What to Expect: Small streams of freezing water snow capped mountains lush meadows and other wonderful sights are all there to make your trip an awesome experience.

Bengaluru to Alapuzha

Why: If you wish to experience all the natural wonders on one road trip you could drive from Bengaluru to Alappuzha (formerly Alleppey) with a detour to Munnar.

What to Expect: Drive past the sprawling tea gardens misty mountains and breathtaking waterfalls. You could also stop over at Periyar wildlife sanctuary to view rare flora and fauna. Enjoy a drive past beautiful backwaters as you approach Alappuzha.

Chennai to Kanyakumari

Why: Experience the beauty of the coastal regions as you drive out of Chennai.

What to Expect: You could stop over at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Mahabalipuram. As you approach Kanyakumari you can witness where the waters of the Arabian Sea Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal meet.

Make Your Home Ready Before Leaving For A Road Trip

A house is made of walls and beams; a home is built with love and dreams.

Yes you're super excited about the road trip you've been planning for months! You've decided what to carry and coordinated the time at which you and your friends or family will set out of home. Hang on just a second. Have you thought about making your home ready for you to be away for a few days or weeks? You want to return from the trip to the comfort of your home rather than to a list of chores you need to do right? So here's a checklist of the things you could get done before leaving your home.

Fix safety basics

Check for leakages in all the water pipes and taps. Check all the exposed electrical wires for any current discharge. It would be good to fix any leakage or shorting of wires before you leave home to ensure the maximum safety of your home while you are away. You could consider turning off the main water supply before leaving. However don't turn off the main power supply since keeping your home in pitch darkness could serve as an invitation to burglars.


Invest in a security alarm

In case you haven't already installed a good burglar alarm system get it done immediately. This will lower the risk of your home being broken into while you're gone.



Take care of your flora

If you have a lawn trim down the grass and other plants that grow really fast. You surely don't wish to come back to a jungle when you return from your trip! You can ask someone to water your plants once a day. If you don't have that support you could install an automatic water sprinkler which will water your plants and grass at predefined intervals. In case you are unable to get that too you could shift your potted plants to someone's home till you're back.

Get pest control

Hire a pest control company and get them to spray your home before you leave for the road trip. This will ensure that rodents insects and other pests do not have a ball at your home while you're on vacation!



Select the Right Car for Your Road Trip

Road trips are just so much fun! You can drive along different views stop for local food and cups of tea and chat about the exciting destination ahead. But before you get away from the monotony of your everyday life and embark on a road trip with your close ones you must ensure that the vehicle you select for the trip is just the right pick. The success of the trip depends to a large extent on the car you choose to drive.

Ideal Make:

For any road trip your first choice should be an SUV or Sports Utility Vehicle. As compared to a sedan the SUV offers:

  • better visibility​​​​​​​
  • more space (good for comfort and to fit your luggage)
  • more power (speed thrills)
  • higher ground clearance (great for combating the speed-breakers we have in India!)
  • a much safer alternative.

Ideal Model:

If you've decided to opt for an SUV the next thing to consider is the kind of terrain you will be driving on to arrives at your ideal SUV model. Here's how you can go about the same:

  • Any SUV in case of smooth terrain​​​​​​​
  • Diesel SUV's such as Renault Duster" Ford Ecosport and Nissan Terrano in case of cost-efficiency. 
  • XUV500" Scorpio or Bolero or Tata Safari in case of sandy terrains such as Rajasthan
  • SUV's with a four-wheel drive system such as Toyota Fortuner 4×4 or Mitsubishi Pajero in case of mountainous regions such as Leh and Ladakh.

Don't really wish to buy an SUV just for a road trip? Don't fret. You can now easily rent SUV's in India and drive them yourself or opt for a driver. So enjoy your journey and take lots of photographs of your friends and the splendid views.

Medical Precautions to Observe While on a Road Trip

You've been planning this road trip for months with your friends. You're super excited and all geared up. All of you set out looking forward to a fantastic time. Sometime into the journey a friend gets car sick. No one had remembered to carry any medication. You desperately look for a healthcare center but with no luck. Finally you decide to turn back and head home. The road trip which should have been thrilling and exciting turns out to be a total flop. Some simple preparations can avoid such an outcome. Here is a quick run-through of the medical precautions

Carry medicines:

You need to carry some general medicines for common illnesses like vomiting cold headache and backache. Moreover if there are people with medical conditions like asthma or diabetes carry all the prescribed medicines insulin injections inhalers or any other equipment.

This will not only prevent your health condition from getting aggravated but also reduce your dependency on the local markets. You would do well to carry band aids antiseptic lotions and bandages as well. This would prevent minor cuts from getting infected and becoming a huge bother.

Find out about medical centers:

Once you have decided on the destination for your road trip make a list of all the healthcare center's and hospitals along the way. Keeping this list handy will be very useful in case of a medical emergency.

Drink plenty of water:

You need to keep dehydration at bay when on a road trip. So ensure that your water reserves are always full. Carry a few reusable plastic water bottles to refill them at every rest stop. If possible opt for packaged drinking water to ensure that it is not contaminated.


Block the sun:

A road trip could mean exposure to the sun which may seriously damage your skin. Apply sunscreen with a high SPF quotient on all the exposed parts of your body and keep reapplying it after every few hours.

Apart from these precautions it's important to be a little careful of what you eat and drink. Of course this does not mean you need to curb all the fun. But it doesn't hurt to take some simple precautions. Hope you have an amazing trip!

The Right Insurance

The fun and adventure that you experience on a road trip is truly beyond comparison. But it does have its own share of risks. Hence it is essential to ensure that you have adequate insurance. The two insurance policies that you simply must have before you set out for a road trip in India are a car insurance policy and a home insurance policy.

Get a Car Shield:

Don't leave home without a comprehensive vehicle insurance policy. The road trip you've planned may involve several hours of driving with your dear ones. So don't compromise on the cover. Consider Royal Sundaram's Car Shield which not only covers damage to your car but also personal injury.

Of course third party insurance is mandatory. However there's a lot more to be taken care of in the unfortunate event of an accident.

On a road trip the accident may happen at the most inconvenient location. Royal Sundaram offers 24X7 roadside assistance so that your car is taken to a workshop and your loved ones are taken to a safe place.

You needn't fret about the costs involved in getting your car back to normal as the comprehensive insurance policy will pay for all the repairs. Moreover if you were driving the car and suffer any personal injuries the policy would take care of this too.

Do consider the optional personal accident cover which offers financial assistance in case you or your co-passengers are injured. Even if you do not meet with an accident you may have to face inconveniences due to theft of the car or some important accessory. You could get a cover for these too.

Cover Your Home and its Contents:

You may have taken all the precautions to prevent any damage to your home. But you simply cannot take care of all the odds. What if there's some damage to your home while you are away? You'll be taking a huge emotional swing from an enjoyable road trip to a disastrous situation at home.

It could be burglary or a fire that has caused damage to your home and financial loss. How about Royal Sundaram's Home Shield Insurance? This will cover the complete cost of reconstruction of your home. In case you opt for a long term policy you can even get a 50% discount on the premium. With a Home Contents Insurance you can get financial assistance in case of damage or theft of appliances furniture jewellery and other valuables.

In case you are planning to buy a car or home Insurance just give us a call on 1860 425 0000 (toll free). Our experts will be happy to help you with your insurance.

Yes no one thinks of such unfortunate episodes when one is planning for an exciting holiday. The sad truth however is that many accidents and misfortunes happen during a road trip. Injury and damage to your vehicle or home can happen no matter how short your trip. It's best to take adequate insurance so that you can be immune to the financial perils that you might have to face while travelling.

So once you have chosen your destination selected your vehicle prepared your home packed all your bags and taken adequate insurance cover you are all set for an enjoyable road trip. Don't forget to carry your camera and share your experiences on social media.



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