21 DIY Tips to Beautify Your Home

Just as the change of seasons uplift our mood, and impact our well-being, a change of arrangement in our homes too is a welcome update. Let go of old furniture or upgrade it into something beautiful and contemporary. 

Pro Tip: For inspiration, refer to nature, and its depiction of the three Rs – Recycling, Renewing and Reusing – to make any drab object look beautiful.

While giving your home a makeover, remember that he best thing about integrating elements you have made yourself is that they add a personal touch to your space.

Here are 21 Do-It-Yourself (DIY) ideas to help you give your home a fresh appeal:

1.Create An Open Storage Unit

This is an aesthetic way of displaying accessories or other curios without opting for boxy units. All you need to do is install wooden shelving units on a bare wall. To save time, you can simply add a metallic grid with nails on your wall, and hang plants, décor accessories, or artwork.

2.Craft Plant Containers

Thinking of an innovative way to add indoor plants? Reuse old plastic bottles to craft out containers which can be placed on flat surfaces or hung to brighten up a corner. Paint them or cover them using craft supplies for containers that blend in with your home’s décor, and add an indoor plant to breathe fresh air into your home, literally.   

3.Build A Wooden Nightstand

You can add some utility furniture for half the cost of a branded alternative. Find a discarded wooden crate from a neighbourhood store, and give it a new life; use sand paper to get rid of all the splinters, coat it with primer, and choose to paint, decoupage, or simply give it a transparent polish to find yourself a smart new nightstand for your bedroom.

4.Washi Tape Everything

A cheaper, and more creative alternative to wallpaper is patterned, colourful washi tape. It works like a normal Scotch tape and you can use this to decorate your fridge, and kitchen appliances, as well as make funky wall art.

5.Fashion Some Pillow Covers

Instead of throwing away your old clothes, use them to make unique pillow covers. For instance, if you have a sequenced dress that does not fit you anymore, cut it up, and sew a pillow cover set for those weekend night parties. Depending on your creativity, the opportunities with this are endless.

6.Sew Patterned Rugs

If you are one for experimentation, and have some extra time on your hands, this is the DIY for you. Create a hand-sewn rug using scraps of varying fabric, and materials you may have lying in your attic.

7.Craft Quirky Racks

If you want to add some fun quirky elements to your space, you can experiment with unconventional storage. Find a ladder from any old thrift shop, use sand paper to ensure a smooth surface, and paint it to match your room’s decor. You can then use it to display hand rugs, blankets, plants, or even curl it in lights.

Did You Know: A home insurance can be a vital investment to protect your house, and its valuable contents from any unforeseen damage.

8.Create A Statement Wall

If you want something simple yet striking to give your home a fresh appeal, grab a barrel of your favourite colour, and channel the artist inside you.

9.Plan A Showcase Gallery

If you have numerous art frames lying around that you are unable to use well, identify a wall to display them in all their glory. Hang them up in a symmetrical fashion or in an adhoc manner to create a delightful mood. You can also opt to experiment with multi-coloured plates to create a showcase area.

10.Indulge In Tie-Dye Art

Revamp your cloth towels, pillow covers, and placemats with the help of a quick tie-dye DIY. You can experiment with fun vibrant colours or opt for a monochromatic palette.

11.Hang Light Fixtures From Ropes

A smart way to add innovative light fixtures in your home is to hang them from ropes; add a hook to your ceiling, and suspend fixtures from plain wires or chose covered in jute ropes to make them look boho-chic.

12.Apply A Coat Of White Paint

This is one of the easiest ways to make any ordinary furniture more aesthetic. You can paint a coat of pristine white over old wooden or metallic chairs, drawer nobs, legs of bar stools or other seating arrangements.

13.Create Ping Pong Lights

An easy way to enhance the appeal of your fairy lights is to place them inside translucent ping pong balls. You can experiment with coloured lights or multi-coloured balls as well. Simply make a small cut in one of the balls to slide the string of lights inside.

14.Wall Art with Natural Elements

Curate some dried flowers, and leaves from your backyard, craft them into motifs on a canvas, and spray paint for a long shelf life. You can also choose to layer such art with different brush techniques.

15.Make A Quirky Doormat

Surprise guests who come over with a quirky message on your doormat. Print out a stencil of your preferred quote, and paint on your doormat directly!

16.Craft Some Organizers

If you have a sweet tooth and have innumerable ice cream sticks lying around, stack them to create organizers. You can paint them in patterns or cover them in strings to match your home’s mood.

17.Enhance Your Candle Stand

If you want to decorate plain glass candleholders, find some twigs from the garden and hot glue them to your holder. This will also give you a woody aroma, much like that of a fireplace. You can also use cinnamon sticks in case you prefer a sweeter fragrance.

18.Create A Tiled Table Top

If you want to add some character to your table top, repurpose some patterned tiles, and stick them on top. These tiles could be of different shapes too if you are looking to create mosaic themes.

19.Display A Personalized Map

Everyone has one wall in their home which is available for creativity. Find an enlarged world map, and tape it all over the wall. Then use chalk paint to highlight the places you have visited, while sticking pictures and mementos from the place.

20.Craft A DIY Headboard

If you do not have a headboard, you can make one by visiting a tapestry store, and selecting materials. Once home, carefully measure, cut, staple, and glue elements to build the headboard you deserve on a lazy day.

21.Refashion Your Guitar

Do you have a guitar at home that you never got down to playing? Well, a good way to keep it with you while ensuring it doesn’t gather dust is to remodel it into a storage unit or a book shelf by dismantling it. Alternatively, you can make the guitar a centerpiece.



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