15 common mistakes you should avoid while purchasing a new motorcycle


Two-wheelers are an ideal mode of transport in a country like India. The ease of travel and seamless maneuverability are two of the basic benefits of having a two-wheeler in India.

However, for a true-blue biker, getting their long-awaited motorcycle is an exciting event. The thrill of riding your bike for a long ride, the speed, the wind and the blur of the world falling behind it is therapeutic for some! The romance of the long rides, the thrill of an adventure or the ease of daily commute there is a two-wheeler to serve every purpose.

Thus, you need to be careful when buying the perfect two-wheeler for your needs.

In this article, we will navigate through 15 common mistakes that you should avoid while buying your new motorcycle!

Common mistakes before a bike purchase


Mistake #1 Not test driving your bike before buying

Always test-drive your bike to make sure you have chosen the bike most suited for your needs.

Mistake #2 Not researching and evaluating options

Evaluate all your options. Even though you may have a certain affinity towards a certain brand it is good to keep your options open. This way you do not seem too eager and can get a better deal on your dream bike.



Mistake #3 Not enquiring about prevailing offers or applicable discounts

Ask for any special offers or discounts. While purchasing a bike it is always beneficial to ask your dealer for any special offers or discounts that you can avail. This is a great way to lower the cost a little.



Mistake #4 Getting lured by the higher engine cubic capacity

Bike enthusiasts often get lured into purchasing a bike with a higher cubic capacity. However you should be aware that higher cubic capacity equals a higher price as well as higher insurance premiums. So assess your requirements correctly and buy a bike with an engine capacity that suffices your specific needs.


Mistake #5 Making a choice only based on the bike's looks

While the look and feel of the bike are important it should not be the sole or even the primary basis of your choice. Rather focus on the overall performance the ease of handling the quality of the parts and accessories provided the reliability of the brand and most importantly the expert reviews and customer testimonials.



Mistake #6 Stressing too much on the mileage

You might have heard the cliqued statement's But how much mileage does it have? This is one of the most common bases for people to choose their motorcycles. However you should bear in mind that there are other criteria to look at before choosing a particular model.

Mistake #7 Not evaluating the maintenance costs

Maintenance is a recurring cost. Hence while making your final decision give a few minutes to evaluate the maintenance costs for your vehicle. If it is a good motorcycle but the maintenance is too high is it really worth it?



Mistake #8 Buying way over your riding skill level

Sometimes in the heat of the moment and the excitement of the purchase you may end up buying a higher model that may be heavier or more complicated to handle than you are used to. Be careful before you ride such bikes. While it is advisable to buy a bike you are comfortable handling if you do end up buying a bike above your skill level make sure to practice it well before riding it out on the road.


Mistake #9 Buying the incorrect make and model that does not match your needs

Map out your specific requirements research the relevant models and ensure to choose the right type of bike. Even though a sports bike may be your ultimate dream it might not be the right type of bike for your needs. If you are using the bike for your daily commute and short-distance rides then a high-end sports bike might be an unnecessary expense.


Mistake #10 Settling for a bike that is way over budget

Before you go out on your shopping adventure; be sure to jot down a budget price. This is crucial as it is extremely easy for one to get swayed away from their budget and regret it later.



Mistake #11 Not insuring your new motorcycle with a comprehensive bike insurance

Considering the legal mandate for two-wheeler insurance in India this should be a no brainer. Getting your vehicle insured should be the first thing you do after purchasing your motorcycle. Although third-party insurance is the mandated coverage make sure to buy a comprehensive bike insurance policy to ensure all-round coverage for your bike along with third-party protection.

Mistake #12 Not buying the appropriate gear and accessories

Wearing a helmet is compulsory for both the driver and the pillion rider in India. So make sure that you buy a right helmet for you and the pillion rider as well.



Mistake #13 Making unnecessary and costly modifications to a new bike

Avoid unnecessary modifications in the beginning. As a new bike owner you might often get overwhelmed and attracted by the modifications and end up getting them even if you do not need them. This increases the price of the bike and can impact your insurance premium as well. It is advisable to first use your bike for a few days and then gradually determine if you need any additional modifications.


Mistake #14 Falling into the trap of unwanted add-ons

Do not purchase bike insurance add-ons that will hike up the total price of your motorcycle. Buy only the ones that are required for the protection of your vehicle. For example a luxurious sports bike might need a Zero Depreciation Cover but it is not required for a regular motorcycle.


Mistake #15 Not asking about the extra/complementary benefits offered by the motor company

The companies you are dealing with are eager to sell to you. Therefore you should take advantage of this fact and ask for any extra benefits they can provide. This can include a free helmet complementary safety gear (grills) free servicing contract etc.



Final Words

Now that you know the common mistakes that most people make you can make a more informed decision. Learning from mistakes is the best way to proceed. The above tips will surely help you make a better choice while purchasing the perfect motorcycle for your needs!





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